Compliance and Audit Response

I can provide oversight and guidance as your company evolves their Information Governance or Assurance, and Compliance Management programs. I can directly enhance information governance, compliance, audit response, information and records management and assurance capabilities, as well as improving stakeholder confidence, maintaining situational awareness for your management team, and organizational alignment of all the units within your company or institution.

Technical Engagement Expectations:

  • I will direct the evolution of company information governance, security control management, audit response, and compliance efforts in support of the CISO, CIO.
  • I will work directly with the CISO and CIO to develop management and board reports on the Information Protection Program (IPP), Information Management, and Information Governance maturity.
  • I will work closely with senior IS, GBS and company leadership to develop and manage IS/GBS policies and standards, ensuring consistent monitoring for and adherence to security related controls as technology changes are made.
  • I will develop strategic plans for information governance, policies and standards.
  • I will map regulatory requirements across functions to identify compliance and audit response efficiencies.
  • I will liaise with senior IS/GBS and Business Unit management to ensure information protection and governance control processes are mature, and outcomes are effective; appropriately addresses and escalates relevant risks to policy and regulatory compliance as appropriate.
  • I will ensure controls align to appropriate owners, track changes and advise on enhancements.
  • I will guide information systems compliance efforts for identified risk areas; align management responses to strategic IS/GBS plans and track corrective actions in response to key audit findings.

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