Welcome to my new blog

Ok, this is it. I have finally gotten off my butt and have dragged myself kicking and screaming into the 21s century. I have been working as an I.T. professional for about 20 of my 43 years – spending most of that time working for Maine State government. I recently decided I wanted quite a bit more out of  life, so I embarked upon a journey.

That journey has taken me from being an MCSE, senior administrator for the State, to being a Certified Technical Trainer. I am now going to be conducting trianing for my employer “in house” so they can save money that otherwise would have been spent sending our staff off to school, and I get a valuable new skill, and exciting new opportunities.

I plan to blog here as often as possible, documenting what I am calling my “Technical Odyssey”. My journey towards fulfilling my dream of earning  my living as a technical trainer. I hope you come along on the journey, and check in here from time to time!

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