Why again?

I’m not very good at this. The writing part is not hard, I’ve always sort of enjoyed writing. It’s the sitting down with the sole purpose of sharing my thoughts and feelings. I mean why would anyone have any interest whatsoever in what I have to say about anything? And even if someone did have the interest in my drivel, who has the time? I sometimes feel like I am constantly bombarded with information from all around me. Facebook, email, texts from everyone, more email, LinkedIn, work email, more Facebook…. Who has the time to sit and read some losers blog? Everyone and their uncle has a blog. Do we all really believe that what we have to say is important and valuable to anybody? Really?

Reality check time. Nobody cares. Not about what I have to say, and not about what 99.99% of those idiots on the inter-web, shooting off their mouths about every tiny bit of minutia in their lonely pitiful lives have to say either. The Internet (capital “I”) allows us all to be heard. Well, sort of. What it really does is allow us all to speak. About anything that might be on our tiny little minds. And speak we do! Millions and millions of us ranting and raving about today’s injustice, (“My double-shot, half-caf, latte espresso was not as hot as it could have been!”) or tomorrow’s predicted gloom (“The [insert political party]’s are a bunch of idiots! Only the [insert other political party]’s can save us from ruin!”).

Maybe that’s why I don’t update this blog as often as I should. It’s not that I have nothing to say. To the contrary, most who know me would agree that I seldom shut up. It just seems to me that there won’t be anyone reading this anyway, so why bother? Hm. There must be a reason. There must be more than just my desire to metaphorically hear myself speak, right?

Maybe the purpose of this blog is just to be. To exist. To give me a place where, if I choose to, I can vent or rant or whatever I want to – even if nobody is listening. Yea, maybe that’s it. Maybe it doesn’t matter if nobody is listening, right? Maybe this blog exists for me, and not for you at all (assuming there is actually a “you” reading this, and if you are reading this, then please gentle reader, excuse my rudeness to assume you didn’t exist…….. but I don’t think you do. Just sayin’). But I don’t care if you are reading this or not. I do sometimes have something I want to talk about, or rant about, or whatever. And dammit, it’s 2010. I live in the greatest nation on Earth, and if I want to speak my mind to the world, than a blog is simply how it’s done these days. So there. Deal with it.

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