The NSA Makes GHIDRA Open Source

At this years RSA conference, the NSA announced that they are going to be releasing their powerful reverse-engineering platform named Ghidra available to the world via Open Source.

Ghidra is not a tool that can be used to hack devices. Rather, it is a powerful reverse-engineering tool that can reveal exactly what compiled software is doing. By “De-Compliling” the software back into a human-readable format an analyst can easily determine what the software is really doing ‘under the covers’.

The NSA has been developing Ghidra for years for their own Offensive and Defensive purposes. This move however means that there is now a powerful, free, open-source tool available to help cyber-security shops analyze software.

Read the full article from here.

UPDATE – April 3, 2019:

The NSA has released a major bug-fix patch for GHIDRA that answers questions about whether they would be offering support for the open-source product. You can read an excellent article with more details by clicking here.  ~JTS

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